Amy Tine

Amy Tine, Manager, National Agency Accounts. Universal Orlando® Resort
Hospitality is more than just an industry for Amy Tine. It’s a way of life. After assisting senior citizens in the morning, she heads off to work to help ensure a great experience at Universal Orlando Resort.

Steve: What is your professional background?

Amy: I have worked my way through the ranks of Universal. Starting as a vacation planner in the call center booking vacation packages for clients, then moving to our resort team and handling groups and convention space. I was then instrumental in launching the Universal Partner Hotel Program and then made my way to where I am today as part of the Travel Industry Sales team.

Steve: What inspired you to choose the travel industry?

Amy: Quite honestly, it’s the people you meet every day and the friendship you have in this business. It’s such a fun and interesting part of the business, and who doesn’t love to travel! That’s a plus!

Steve: How did you begin your career?

Amy: I just started right out of college. I packed up from NY, moved to Florida and went straight to a job fair for Universal Orlando Resort.

Steve: You juggle many roles: Sales, marketing and project management. What is your average day like?

Amy: Every day is juggling really. An average day is never routine. And I think that is why I like what I do. I never know what I am going to get when I wake up. There is never a plan. There is always a To Do list… but it’s always about prioritizing. That is how you juggle your day. And with our destination we are growing at such a rapid pace with our hotel expansions, park and ride openings…every day the focus is about growing the business and focusing on the clients that are also investing in our future.

Steve: How has your professional experiences changed your perspective on tourism?

Amy: I think that tourism is important to our economy. Traveling boosts the economy which in turns creates jobs. My job, your job and so on.

Steve: What has been your greatest accomplishment in your career?

Amy: My whole career has been with Universal Orlando Resort. This is a hard answer only because we have had so many amazing things at Universal Orlando Resort in the past 19 years I have been with the company. I can’t even pick one. We have opened five hotels (going on six this August) three theme parks, numerous rides and attractions, of course the Harry Potter franchise. I can’t even begin to pick just one. I think just waking up every day and being able to have a job where you are excited to walk into work every day knowing you have a job where the people are like family. You continue to see amazing growth each day and if you are having a bad day you can walk out your office door and jump on a roller coaster and scream your head off.

Steve: Universal Orlando Resort hosted the Travel Leaders Network Conference, what was that like?

Amy: That was amazing. That might be one of my great accomplishments, too.

Steve: Tell us a bit about your work with the Seniors First.

Amy: This organization is so close to my heart. This is where I deliver Meals to Senior’s each week. It takes me 1 hour every Monday morning, each week, to deliver hot meals to my seniors on my route. These are seniors that either for medical or financial reasons need meals delivered to their door.

Steve: What about this organization do you find yourself most passionate about?

Amy: This organization is providing hot and cold meals to seniors that literally cannot leave their home. You don’t realize when you get to that age how many people in this world don’t have anyone to help them with simple things like going to a grocery store for food or even someone just coming to their door once a day to say “Hi, how are you?” Can you imagine not speaking to someone at least once a day or having any human contact with anyone? This organization provides that.

Steve: How has volunteering affected you personally and professionally?

Amy: Personally, it really starts off my week with a sense of purpose, in this sometimes crazy world. And professionally the same; we have so much sometimes going on in our professional lives, to be able to take one hour each week and stop to help someone else that needs it. To just stop the emails, the conference calls, and give someone that needs a smile, a hug and a hot meal is something I look forward to each week.

Steve: What advice would you give to someone considering membership within a professional organization?

Amy: Find something that you are passionate about, find something in your community that is a need that can be fulfilled. It only takes me an hour to deliver my meals on Monday mornings. I am a very busy person with my job and traveling, but I find time because volunteering for your community is important and you know it’s important for your soul too.

Steve: In the classic saying, “I wish I knew what I know now, when I was younger,” what are some things that you wish you had known ahead of time?

Amy: Be true to yourself and don’t change your personality, your actions, your opinion, your moral compass to fit in. Just be your true self. That’s what people will fall in love with, that’s what builds client relationships, that’s what builds your reputation.

Steve: What books, blogs, materials about the travel industry would you recommend?

Amy: TravelPulse, Travel Research Online and TravelWeekly is what I stick to for my news source

Steve: What are some fun facts about yourself?

Amy: I have A-D-D, I hate sitting home…so guess I am in the right job because I am always busy, always traveling. I love being around people and all the stories and all the crazy that comes with it. I love to laugh and laugh at myself too. Life shouldn’t be so serious. I grew up in Upstate NY, Buffalo, NY to be exact. Chicken wings should be always eaten with blue cheese. Don’t get me started on how you should eat your pizza! Football and Hockey are life. I moved away at the age of 19 because damn it, it was cold!